Bus Ticket Tote Bag

One of the reasons why there are starving artists in this world is that art materials are so expensive, but if we use our creativity and if we appreciate ordinary things, we can find art materials in things that people ignore, give away, or throw out. I love discovering free materials that I can use to create arts and crafts, and two of my recent discoveries are bus tickets and cloth tote bags.

I got a free cloth tote bag when I bought a new camera because my old one died. These kinds of tote bags are also usually given away in conferences, seminars, and other events. A bus ticket is a free colored paper that you get when you pay for a bus ride. The only material that I actually paid for is the glue.

Here’s how to do it:


1. Bus Tickets

2. Free tote bag (you can also use your old katcha bags)

3. Glue


1. Glue the bus tickets on the tote bag

2. Protect it with Mod Podge which is essentially glue and water. (You can also take the extra mile and make it waterproof by rubbing wax or spraying clear acrylic.)

That’s it! Now you can use your cute tote bag!

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