Writing Tip: Create a Notebook of Ideas

My goal is to publish one thing per day on my blog. I wake up at 5 a.m. everyday in order to squeeze in one hour of writing (although sometimes I cheat by publishing something I’ve already written years before). My notebook of ideas helps me turn blank paper into furiously scribbled paper because the hardest part of writing, which is thinking of a topic to write about, is already bypassed.

I bring my notebook wherever I go, so when an idea hits me, I just write it down. Then, when I’m about to write my blog post, I just leaf through my notebook and write about a topic that catches my attention.

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2 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Create a Notebook of Ideas

  1. Great idea!! I also always have a pen and at least paper handy wherever I go. I was a psychologist, a policeman and a teacher during my working career in the States and China, so I learned that one never knows when they need to record something. Or just write something.

    I try to post on my blog at least once per week but I am ahead of that game with 47 posts in 28 weeks.
    ~ Gary ~


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