Childhood Game: Taguan Mo Si Earl

What was the weirdest childhood game that you invented? Mine was Taguan Mo Si Earl. Actually, I don’t remember if I was the one who came up with it, but someone did. This game was a new take on hide and seek, but instead of having kids hide while one person tried to discover their hiding places, this was a targeted attempt to hide from my cousin Earl.

I don’t know why Earl was the victim of this game, but he was. What I remember is that we (except Earl) were all huddled at the garage of our rest house in the province when I think I whispered or someone whispered, Ok taguan natin si Earl. Earl walked in, and the group dispersed into different directions. Although he didn’t understand what was happening, he started chasing us saying, Wait lang, ano ba, bakit kayo tumatakbo?

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