5 Tips from the Uhuging Bata: The Allergic Rhinitis Survival Guide

My mom said that when I was born, it was like uwaaaahhhh achooo! I’ve gone to countless doctors for my allergic rhinitis. I even went to a doctor who stuck two tubes into my nose and pumped something into it. It was torture. In the end, they just simply said that I’d eventually grow out of it. I’m 24. How old do I have to be before I finally grow out of this?

What I’ve grown into is learning how to live with allergic rhinitis. Here are the things I do that help me avoid or deal with my allergy attacks:

1. Tissue forever

I always have tissues in my bag. If the allergy is severe, I can finish a big box in one go.

2. Allerta friend

Allerta is a non-drowse anti-allergy medicine, so I always have this wherever I go. I also take Zyrtec when the allergy is really bad. Zyrtec is stronger than Allerta, but it will make you drowsy. My aunt told me that whenever she gets an allergy attack, she takes an anti-allergy pill every night for seven days. I’m going to try that, but I’m going to use generic medicine so that it’ll be cheaper.

3. Jacket it up

I am sensitive to temperature changes. If it suddenly gets cold, I to put on a jacket. When it gets hot, I can just take off the jacket.

4. Dust must bust

I am allergic to dust, so I always have to sweep my room and keep it clean. I also ride the aircon bus as opposed to the jeep when traveling long distances because the pollution will trigger an attack.

5. Salty concoction

When I already have an allergy attack, and the medicinal remedies do not work, I turn to a mix of warm water and salt, and I use this to clean my nose.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips from the Uhuging Bata: The Allergic Rhinitis Survival Guide

  1. Thank you for sharing your allergy survival guide. I would like to share one of mine. Of course, this is for severe cases of an ongoing nature, with little breaks in between. Year round and not just seasonal. To compound my problem, I am also allergic to a number of medications!

    I turned to acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture is much cheaper in the Philippines than in the USA and I’ve had acupuncture treatments in the USA, in China and in the Philippines. In my younger years, I had both asthma and sinus problems due to allergies. I was cured by having consecutive acupuncture treatments for ten straight days. My doctor was from Taiwan but he practiced in the USA.

    At that time, I took medication orally, I had to use a nose spray to open my nose and I had to use an asthma inhaler to prevent asthma attacks. Even with all that, I still had problems. So, I turned to acupuncture and I have never had to take asthma meds of any kind since. That was in 1985. 27 years ago. I was cured!

    In China, I had acupuncture for common ailments but not related to allergies since I no longer had allergies. However, in 2009, I discovered I was allergic to the flowering of sugar cane right before harvest time in the Philippines. That was not good, as my wife owns almost 5 hectares of sugar cane and our house is located near the sugar fields. I turned to acupuncture once again in Bacolod City and I received instant relief. However, to avoid future problems, we moved from the farm house to a house in the city, where sugar cane is not around. We still have the house and sugar farm but I am just not there every day like in the past. I also avoid sugar cane at harvest time!

    It all worked out, as we can stay in the city or in the province when we like. We can enjoy both worlds. We had planned to live in the city anyway during schools sessions, as our son is receiving a much better education in the city. The sugar cane just sped up the process for our move.

    Have a great week and have a happy holiday!

    ~ Gary ~


    1. This is the first time that I heard someone being allergic to sugar cane flowering. It’s good that you were able to relocate to another place. Thank you for telling us about acupuncture. Thank you for all the information that you gave us, Gary. I’m sure people will find this extremely helpful! 🙂


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