How to Upcycle an Old Bag Using Masking Tape and Pentel Pens

Turn a black bag into this…

I had this old bag. Parts of it were already peeling and the handles were fraying, but I didn’t want to throw it out because it was still usable albeit ugly. I was reading a DIY tutorial on how to create Japanese washi tape by putting double sided tape on tissue and coloring it using pentel pens. I thought, why not use masking tape instead? Then I remembered my old bag and decided to decorate it using this technique.

1. You will need: scissors, masking tape, a black and a pink pentel pen (you can also use other colors)

Masking tape is surprisingly moldable, so it is perfect for covering your bags. The masking tape will also make the bag stronger because it acts as an extra protective coating.

2. Stick some masking tape on the bag

Use different directions when you stick the tape. This will help you cover all the creases and folds, and your design will be more interesting once it is finished.

3. Add different doodles on each strip of masking tape

Color one strip entirely with pink, then add black doodles. Go crazy and creative until you’ve covered the entire bag.

4. Cover your fraying handles with black electric tape

Black electric tape looks like leather, so it will make your bag more awesome!

5. Grab it and go!

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