The Adult World Laughter Span

Little Ja was in a green van with a bunch of adults–my mom and my classmates’ parents. I don’t remember why we were in that van or where we were going, but I remember looking at these adults, listening to them talk, and hearing the burst of dignified low-pitched laughter that lasted like a bolt of lightning. I was confused.

I compared the adult way of laughing to the way we laughed. Us kids would giggle hysterically. Carefree children snorting like pigs or bleating like goats–this was the kind of laughter that I was familiar with. When we were finished laughing at a joke, an extra snort or someone’s weird laugh triggered longer periods of laughter. Even the sudden silence after laughing so hard stimulated yet another burst of giggles. It was normal to laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and giggle, and snort, and laugh again.

When was the last time you laughed like a child?

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