Use Waiting Time to Read Books

Whenever I go out, I almost always bring a book. If not, I bring a notebook so that I can write. I bring these things because I don’t want to get bored while waiting for something. I don’t want to waste my time staring at the wall, floor, or other random surfaces while waiting for the mrt, waiting for my doctor or dentist to arrive, or waiting in a restaurant for my friend.

There are numerous waiting moments that can happen in a day. You can’t escape them. They are always there. Whether it’s a few minutes or an hour long, those moments can be irritatingly torturous. Books are boredom saviors because they rescue you from the trap of negative feelings. I don’t have to be irritated or angry if something is delayed because those times are converted to moments where I get to go on adventures in a fantasy world, be engrossed in a tale of mystery, or fall in love with a dashing character.

Sometimes when I’m hurrying, I forget to grab a book, or I can’t bring a book because I have to go to a fancy party, which means I have to bring a tiny fancy bag that is too small for a book. The only times when I deliberately choose to not bring a book are when I am on an input detox week, a look-at-buildings-and-surroundings week, or when I’m going out with my family and friends, which means I have to concentrate on interacting with people instead of reading a book.

How about you? Are you in the habit of bringing books too? Please leave a comment below!

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