Top 3 weirdest food combos

Here are the top three weirdest food combos that I’ve ever heard of:

  • Weird Spaghetti 

The dilemma–you cooked too much spaghetti sauce, and you are out of spaghetti noodles. What do you do? Usually, I slice a piece of pandesal, spread spaghetti sauce on each half, add some slices of Quickmelt cheese, then I heat it up in the toaster. My cousin Juancho doesn’t do this. He prefers to put the sauce on top of rice. I thought this was weird; he thought this was totally normal.

  • Jolly Eating

The giant red bee smiled at my cousins and I, and we were all jolly. Snow white swirly ice cream, pale yellow oily french fries, and goopy bright red ketchup–that was our feast. The ritual began. Take one french fry, dip it in ketchup, dip it in ice cream, and eat it all up!

  • The Family Urban Legend

An unconfirmed story about our uncle continues to be told during random dinners and other family gatherings. The story goes that our uncle likes to put ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard on his hotdog sandwich, and then he dunks it into a cup of a hot Nescafe coffee. Filipinos are known to dunk pandesal into their coffee, milk, or chocolate, but dunking an entire hotdog sandwich is still a relatively weird practice.

How about you? What’s your weirdest food combo? Please leave a comment below!

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5 thoughts on “Top 3 weirdest food combos

  1. I’ve been well known for having weird food combos but to me, it is just normal eating. One that my Filipino friends and family members think is odd is my enjoying sardines with mashed avocado. I wouldn’t do that with the sardines packed in tomato sauce. The best sardines to use are the Spanish style sardines but the ones packed in oil will work just fine, too. With the Omega3 in sardines and all the wonderful nutrients of avocado, this is really kicked up health food in my opinion. It tastes good, too!
    ~ Gary ~


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