Life Lessons I Learned While Playing Monopoly Deal

My favorite game these days is monopoly deal. Unlike the monopoly board game, this one uses a deck of cards with a new set of rules. My cousins and I are so addicted to this game that whenever we see each other, we clear a table, and my cousin Apple starts dealing out the cards. When someone loses a property, asks an exorbitant amount of rent, or wins it all in one swoop, you actually get to absorb some “life lessons” from these situations.

1. Money isn’t everything

In monopoly deal, you have to put money in the bank, so that you will have something to pay the other players if they ask for rent. If you don’t have money in the bank, then you have to give your properties away. Giving away your properties lessens your chances of winning because you need to complete three sets of properties to win the game.

For one game, I was the player who had the greatest amount of money, but Jeremy won the game. Jeremy looks at me and says, “Well, money isn’t everything.”

2. Enjoy even if you’re losing

When I started playing the game, I had a long streak of losses, but I had so much fun that I kept on playing. I began to understand the game more, and I ended the night with a winning streak!

3. Keep cool even if you’re winning

If you want to win, you have to be strategic. In monopoly deal, you can only put down three cards per turn. There will be many times that you have all the cards that you need in order to win, but you have to wait two turns to put down all your cards. When this happened to me, I couldn’t contain my excitement. Apple noticed and said, “Bakit atat na atat siya? Naku mananalo na yata ito. Di bale. *Puts down a steal card.* For you.”

Apple took one of my properties, and since I didn’t have a just-say-no card to protect it, I missed out on my chance to win the game. Next time be cool, I told myself, next time be cool.

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