Highlights of the First Laguna Blogging Summit

Ever since I attended iBlog8: The 8th Philippine Blogging Summit, I promised myself that I will be more active in the blogging community. On September 27, I headed off to Santa Cruz to attend a two-day event called The Laguna Blogging Summit.

My mom didn’t want me to go there all alone, so she decided to accompany me. Anyway blogger din naman ako, she reasoned. She had only one blog post before she attended this event, but sige na nga.

I was ok with it in the end because I wanted to encourage my mom to continue blogging. She’s a writer too, and I know she will write awesome posts.

The Big Blogging Debate: To Be Paid or Not to Be Paid

Tony Ahn, a digital marketing consultant who is in charge of inviting bloggers to events, talked about the blogging world from the perspective of an agency.

During the open forum, a blogger asked Mr. Ahn if he compensated the bloggers who attended his events. He said yes, but when he said he gave gift certificates.

Earlier in his speech, Mr. Ahn said that the reason why gift certificates were more appropriate was because bloggers were different from endorsers. When you see Anne Curtis in a commercial or a billboard, you know she’s being paid for it. For bloggers, most people assume that they blog about things they personally like.

This presents an ethical dilemma: is it right for a blogger to accept compensation for writing something? Is it a form of bribery? The media isn’t allowed to accept bribes from the event organizers, so should this apply to bloggers as well? Mr. Ahn said it’s okay for bloggers to get paid, but they should disclose that information to their readers.

Watching this sparked a debate at our table. Some people said that blogging was a hobby, so bloggers shouldn’t seek monetary gain. Other bloggers said that unlike people from the media, bloggers don’t have a regular salary from blogging, yet they spend money for transportation, and they sacrifice their time to go to the event and also to write about it, so maybe they should be compensated by the companies who profit from their hard work.

Bring in the Moolah, Baby

Fitz Villafuerte caught everyone’s attention by starting his speech with, Sinong gustong kumita ng pera from blogging? He said that he earns $3,000 a month. That’s like P123,000! To answer the blogger who asked him how much money should he charge advertisers, Mr. Villafuerte said, “Magkano ang pinakababang masaya ka?”

The Man with the Voice

Poncholo Gonzales, a voice actor, entertained the bloggers by performing the different voices of the characters he dubbed. He also talked about the importance of creating your personal brand. He said, “Ang branding di lang pang produkto puwede ring pang tao.”

Motivating Laughter

Lloyd Luna was introduced through a video clip. It was a Rated K segment where Korina Sanchez featured him as one of the 25 year olds who were already millionaires.

Lloyd Luna was all arrogant but in a funny way. For example, he had this Powerpoint slide that said, “Nobody is perfect. I’m nobody. Therefore, I’m perfect.” He also complained saying, Kanina lang napagkamalan akong photographer. Yes yung mga nasa likod, yung mga nagpapicture sa akin, I’m the speaker. 

I did hear some people say asus or weh as though they weren’t buying into his humor. At times I thought he was completely hilarious, but there were also moments that I found him slightly annoying. Mama loved him.

When he was asked about how one can become a motivational speaker, he said, “Come up with a unique life story of struggle and success…and make sure it touches the lives of those who read your blog.”

In the end, everyone went gaga for him. They were asking for his signature and taking pictures with him.

Save the Best for Last

The best speaker of the Laguna Blogging Summit was Janette Toral. She talked about the politics of blogging, and she warned us against getting into messy fights with other bloggers. She said, “Kapag nagkakaintrigahan kampihan yan.”

She said that if you want to be invited to events, your blog has to be at least three months old, has eight good posts a month, and has a significant number of followers. She also advised bloggers to not just build their online presence, but also also socialize with other bloggers during events. She said, “One way to build your identity in the blogging community is showing up.”

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4 thoughts on “Highlights of the First Laguna Blogging Summit

  1. Very informative about the First Laguna Blogging Summit. Ja, you really made this interesting to read! Often times, write ups about summits and conferences are just plain boring to try and read but not yours. Great photos, too. It is great that your mom got to experience the Blog Summit with you. I think it is all great!

    ~ Gary ~


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