Wishing for a Karaoke Bus

Right now there are busses with wifi, so how about buses with karaoke? When you have to go on a long bus ride to your province, wouldn’t it be fun to sing along with your favorite tunes?

It will be a fun bus like the one in “Gangnam Style” that’s decorated with shiny disco balls and boarded with people rocking to the beat. I’m sure karaoke will be a better form of entertainment than those bad movies on the bus.

Of course there is a risk that you might have someone screeching notes at you, but I guess that’s the risk in going to any karaoke bar. So what about it? Karaoke on a bus? Is that awesome or what?

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4 thoughts on “Wishing for a Karaoke Bus

  1. That would be awesome to have karaoke on a bus, Gangnam Style! Ceres Liner is the long distance bus in our area going to Cebu and around Negros Occidental. However, I think they should have the rule of no singing “My Way.”

    I enjoy singing karaoke and I do sing on a regular basis at home on our WOW magic mic.

    ~ Gary ~


      1. There have been several psychological studies and research about the “My Way Killings.” The conclusion was that the lyrics of “My Way” evoke pride and arrogance within the singer and it also evokes misunderstanding and jealousy from some patrons, especially when alcohol is in the mix. However, one singer in Rizal was shot and killed by a security guard because he was singing “My Way” off key!

        “My Way” is not my style of song, so I would never sing it anyway. I try to sing karaoke songs that I can sound as close to the original singer as possible and I could never sound like Frank Sinatra.

        ~ Gary ~


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