Wishing for New Monopoly Deal Cards

My cousins and I love playing Monopoly Deal. While playing, I realized that the game will be more interesting if it included the following cards:

1. Swap Opponents’ Properties

If opponent one has two pink properties, and opponent two has one pink property, then you can swap their properties so that opponent one will have a full set. Then, use your deal breaker card to steal the full set. However, opponent one might use a just say no card to counter your deal breaker card, and in effect, you just helped your opponent gain a full set.

2. Hide Full Set

Full sets are vulnerable to deal breakers. Use this card to protect your full set.

3. Reveal Full Set

Use this card to reverse the effect of the hide full set card, then use a deal breaker card to steal the full set.

4. Return to Hand

If you fear that your opponent will steal one of the properties that you put down, then you can use this card to return the property to your hand.

5. Extra Card

For each turn, you can only put down three cards, but if you have this card, you can put down an extra card. Putting down this card does not count as one of the three cards that you can put down.

6.  Assemble Opponent’s Full Set

Smart opponents put down full sets to ask for rent, but after that, they often flip the two-colored property cards in order to break up the full set. This protects the full set from being stolen through a deal breaker card.

You can assemble your opponent’s full set by using this card, then you can steal the full set through a deal breaker card.

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