Barbra and Perfectionism

I really love Barbra Streisand, but I know many criticize her for being a perfectionist. Perfectionism did serve Barbra well. She created great art with it, but she also made some enemies. I think that being a perfectionist is not necessarily a problem. One can be a perfectionist so long as you can inspire other people to share your passion.

If Barbra knew how to inspire people to be as passionate as she was about her art, then her demands to retake a scene or change the script or a note, wouldn’t have been viewed negatively. If everyone was feeling the same energy that she was, then they would have been willing to do anything and everything to make the movie better.

I want to be the kind of person who understands human nature, and I want to use that knowledge to inspire others. I want to be able to translate and transmute my vision into the hearts and minds of other people, so that my vision will be a shared vision, and my passion will be their passion. I want to figure out how to be an inspiring perfectionist.

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