La Usurpadora Beauty, La Usurpadora Personality

When I was a kid, I wished I was born beautiful. Since I thought my genes had forsaken me, I had to find another way to transform from an ugly duckling into a swan. I had this crazy idea that imitating the personalities of beautiful people will do the trick. I don’t know why I thought of that, but that led me to imitate characters in cartoons and telenovelas.

You must be thinking that I was one of those kids who played with her mother’s make-up, but I wasn’t. Finding a sailor moon lipstick palette in the balikbayan box didn’t even excite me. I didn’t want to paint on beauty; I wanted real beauty.

All Nice-d up and Pretty

My first beauty idol was Cinderella from the anime TV show from ABS-CBN. She was a good person, so I thought that if I were as nice as her, then I would become beautiful. I began being sweet and kind to others, then, slowly, I saw the potent effects reflected on my mirror.

It worked, Little Ja thought, I was beautiful.

Cruella de Beautiful

I was content with my new beauty regimen, that is until I watched the telenovela La Usurpadora. It’s a story about twins who were separated at birth. Although they had the same physical features, I thought that the evil twin was more beautiful than the good twin. This made me think, So when you’re good, you become beautiful, but when you’re evil, you become even more beautiful. So I started training myself to be a snob.

It worked, Little Ja thought, I was even more beautiful.

Why was I such a weird kid?

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