Why are there so many bottled water products?

Enter a grocery and you’ll see an array of products. I understand why there are different chocolate, cereal, and jam products, but I don’t understand why there are so many bottled water products.

People choose the product that tastes good for them, but water tastes like water. Whether it is distilled water, mineral water, etc–water tastes like water. If they all taste the same, what other factors influence people to buy the more expensive product?

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6 thoughts on “Why are there so many bottled water products?

  1. Excellent topic! Why so many brands of bottled water? Bottled water products all taste the same to me for the most part. One exception for me personally would be the brand my family buys and it is an ionized alkaline bottled water. The first time one drinks it, many can taste a distinction, even if only slight. It may be due to composition instead of actual taste.

    I think bottled water touted as spring water tastes better to many because they may visualize the clean, rushing mountain spring, whereas distilled or purified water does not usually conjure up any refreshing thoughts to most people. I admit, the spring water is more refreshing and seems to actually have a taste whenever I drink it. Same as with some imported beers made with spring water. It just seems to “hit the spot” better.

    In America, there are more than 50 brands of bottled water and some can cost up to $3 a bottle. I would never pay P120 for a bottle of water in the Philippines! I wouldn’t pay $3 for a bottle of water in the USA, either.

    Coca Cola markets one bottled water product in the Philippines and it is a catchy marketing technique. Coca Cola is great, so their water must also be great. Some people are willing to pay a lot more for a product they think is higher quality than for a no frills brand, even such as SM Bonus purified bottled water. While I am not so gung ho paying more for certain product just because they are famous, I am hesitant to buy a bottled water product which is branded by a name I never heard of. I think we have all heard the rumor of tap water being bottled and a fancy label slapped on the bottle to verify it as being “purified.”

    ~ Gary ~


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