Passion Gives You Time

Most people say they don’t have enough time to do creative stuff, but the clock is not ticking against them, it’s more of their heart.

My friend is in med school, but she still has time to paint. Another friend wakes up at 2am just to write her poetry. Whenever I make excuses, I remember them.

I’ve discovered that the best boost to a stunted passion is discipline. Sometimes fear gets the best of passion, and this disables the natural urge to devote yourself to your art.

Having the discipline to create everyday shatters your fears because it makes your body remember. The neurons you’ve activated, the flesh in your fingers, the heart that pumps with memories–they all remember what it was like to create, and so you become more comfortable to create again, and even create on a deeper level.

Time comes from passion, and passion comes from discipline. When writers have passion, time will turn pacific still, one’s eyes will dip into memories, and ink will flow with life.

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