My Unfinished Art Projects

The trouble with art is finishing it. I always have wild ideas that grip me, and I’m like I’m gonna make that! That is soooooo coool! I start, but I don’t finish.

To pay homage to the art projects that I’ve failed to finish, I made this list:

1. Quilted-Magazine Envelope

Inspired by the envelope made of Funchum, I decided to create one made of magazines. I cut up the magazines into tiny squares, then I sorted out the same colored pieces. I cut a larger square of oslo paper and glue the magazine tiny squares to create a mosaic pattern on both sides of the oslo paper. I covered the piece with two pieces of square plastic, and sew the two squares of plastic with red thread.

Then I was supposed to sew all the pieces together and add a zipper on top, but I never finished.

2. Desecrate my School Uniform

As an act of rebellion against my prudish Catholic, no-you-can’t-even-wear-sleveless-during-casual-days, you-have-to-sign-this-virginity-pledge-or-else school, I decided to cut the school uniform into a sexier silhouette and sew beads on it. I’ve done the cutting and started sewing some beads, but it still needs more shiny beads, and I have to work on the skirt.

3. Photo-Transfered Blog Dress

My friend gave me this book called New Techniques for Wearable Art: Creative Ideas for Transforming Clothes and Accessories by Rice Freeman-Zachery. In this book, the author talks about using iron-on paper to transfer photos on fabric. I was supposed to create a dress that had photo patterns which mimicked the look of my blog and with my blog address printed on it.

So far I’ve created the photo patterns and bought some dresses from the ukay-ukay, but I haven’t done anything else.

4. Vision-Board Cabinet

I was supposed to transform my wooden cabinet into a vision board, so that every time I see it, I’ll remember my goals and dreams. There are some stuff posted on it, but it’s barely decorated.

5. Wall of Positive Thinking

My wall has a lot of papers with written positive slogans, but they look really amateurish. I wanted to update this wall by experimenting with fonts on photoshop and creating these typographical posters with my favorite quotes and other things that I want to remind myself of. I will go to the store that develops photos, and print them out as large photos. Then, I’ll stick these photos on my wall.

So far I’ve only downloaded posters that I like, which I’ll use as inspiration for the posters that I’ll make.

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2 thoughts on “My Unfinished Art Projects

  1. LoL, the bane of creatives whose artistic gears are constantly churning…time and dedication. I’m in the same boat, having so many cool ideas and never pulling through on any of them. I guess all I can say is either baby steps, or just forcing yourself to just sit one day and crank out whatever you can. Best of luck—you’ve got some cool ideas.


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