Confessions of a T-Shirt Reader

Hi, my name is Ja, and I’m a t-shirt reader.

I am addicted to all kinds of t-shirts. Funny t-shirts, t-shirts with slogans, t-shirts with quotes, you name ’em. As long as there are letters on that piece of cloth, then, sure as hell, I’m gonna read it.

Jeeps are the best places to read t-shirts because you are conveniently facing the t-shirt wearer, and you usually have an adequate amount of time to read the stuff written on the t-shirt before that person says, Para lang diyan!

Still, there are challenges. A t-shirt’s creases and folds due to the wearer’s natural body fat and posture often obscure certain letters. So I wait until the person shifts his or her weight, or until the moving jeep or a gust of wind straightens out the t-shirt.

Sometimes I get weird looks. They’re probably thinking, Why are you staring at me? At which I mentally reply, I’m not looking at you, I’m looking at your t-shirt.

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Note: For some entries in this blog, a few names and details have been deliberately and willingly changed by the author. This is a personal decision made by the author for specific reasons known to her and is not an endorsement for censorship.

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