How to Create Your Own Life Ideas Notebook

I have so many ideas; I have so many plans. That’s why I created a notebook, so that I can collect all of them and organize them under different lists.

The Arts List

I write down all my art-related goals. For example, I want to learn photoshop, I want to take ballet classes again, I want to learn Final Cut pro, I want to throw paint to a wall, I want to create terra cotta again.

Lines, Fiction, and Article Ideas

I write down random one liners like dialogues, my DIY quotes, and other things that I’ll use in a poem, short story, film, novel, play, or some other future project. I also consult these lists whenever I need to write another blog post.

Business Ideas

If you’ve read Ja’s Childhood Businessesyou’ll know that I was a kiddie entrepreneur. Dreaming up businesses is something that I constantly do, so whenever I have a new idea for a business, I write it here.

Things to Buy List

I want to replace my broken Nsync Christmas album, buy a video camera, laminator, a new phone, and a tablet.

Places List

I want to travel around the Philippines. I want to see an awesome waterfall. I want to go to a perya. I want to explore the streets of Manila to look for random bookshops. I want to go to Litex.

Projects and Goals List

I want to sew a dress. I want to make a musical and a film. I want to work on my unfinished art projects. By 30 years old, I will have my own company. I will have a Wikipedia page that says I am an author, blogger, lecturer, and inspirational speaker. I will buy our house, which is currently co-owned by my mom and my aunt.

Random List

I want to volunteer for an NGO or a charity. I want to paint figurines in SM. I want to do nail art of Ratzinger’s scary face. I want to have pink hair. I want to sing karaoke in public.

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  1. I really like the idea of a notebook for those ideas! They’re far too easy to forget about, and once you have them written down they also seem more like reality; like they’re possible


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