Weird Things I Did Because of a Childhood Crush

He hit me accidentally when he was playing in the classroom; I cried. The teacher made him say sorry because he was too young to instinctively know that what he did hurt me.

During the Christmas play, I played Mary and he played Joseph. We were too young to truly fall in love, but I was obsessed. So I did something drastic.

I ordered his first communion pictures, so that I could have nice photos of him. I copied his number from the class directory pretending to copy Camilla’s number. While she was showing me the directory, she was dictating her number to me, and, in my mind, I was like, Shut up. Shut up. I’m taking down Matthew’s number.

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2 thoughts on “Weird Things I Did Because of a Childhood Crush

  1. Reading this reminded me of a story about an old friend of mine and me both having a crush on the same girl when we were 6. She was playing Mary at our schools Christmas play.

    The boy playing Joseph got to kiss her. Neither of us were picked. Nearly 20 years later we still argue about why we should have been picked to play Joseph.


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