Why do you blog when you already work as a writer?

I blog because I have to express myself. When I write my articles for work, I’m always talking about another subject, so I can’t share my ideas or concerns.

Of course I also like it that I’m meeting these people, and I’m being challenged to think of those other than myself. Through journalism, I am learning how to connect with another person in an instant, how to understand that person, and how to capture that person’s spirit and character in my article. I love doing all that, but I also have to find an outlet for all the other things that pop into my head.

I blog because this is where I can experiment. I also experiment when I am writing my articles, but as Betsy Westendorp describes portraits, “There is still a slavery to the likeness.” That’s what I feel when trying to capture an interviewee on paper. Again, I love interviewing people. Don’t get me wrong. But articles are not where you can fully experiment because there is information you have to relay, there is the audience that your newspaper caters to, and there is the person that you have to capture, so you have to prioritize those things over random experimentation. So what I want to do is use my blog as testing ground, then if my experiments are successful, I can infuse them into my articles.

Blogging is a good way to practice writing. When I said this to my friend, he asked, “Hindi ka ba napapractice kapag nagsusulat ka ng articles?” Yes and no. Writing an article is still writing, so I do get to practice, but I don’t get to practice in a completely free way. Practicing freedom, being brave enough to write anything, even the shittiest sentence, will expand the writer’s mind. Instead of thinking Oh I don’t want to write that. Maybe people will hate that, you just create, and maybe you’ll discover something interesting.

When I write my articles, I have to “produce” something good. When I write here, that pressure isn’t present. If I write something bad, I can always say, heck, it’s a blog. That freedom feels great because I’m not afraid to say exactly what’s on my mind.

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4 thoughts on “Why do you blog when you already work as a writer?

  1. I am also a writer and luckily, my blog entwines with my favorite interest and that being life in the Philippines and living in the Philippines from the expat perspective. Life is great here in the Bacolod Area of the Philippines for me and my family and I enjoy sharing with everyone.

    For nine years previously, my writing was about living and teaching in mainland China as a foreign English teacher but I never had a blog about it. That period in my life was also a great adventure at the time.I have been removed, by choice, from teaching in China for going on 4 years now. I started out teaching in a private middle school, moved up to a 2 year college teaching Business English and then finished the last 4 years teaching at a major university in south China.I had some great students and all were English Majors in the Foreign Language Department. One of my students is now a successful businessman in Shanghai. My wife, son and I were honored when he and his new bride spent part of their honeymoon in Negros Occidental in 2011.We dropped them off at Punta Bulata Beach and Dive Resort for a few days in Sipalay, Negros Occidental.

    I love to write and once I get started, it is hard to stop!

    All topics are not of interest to many people, as I have learned. The Philippines was recently voted by an international poll as having the most emotional people. It is not negative, however, as not all emotions are bad! Not many were interested to discuss that topic. There are 176 *known* languages in the Philippines and not many find that interesting enough to make a comment. All is fine, however, as I did get some pertinent information to a number of people, at least to read.

    Keep writing! Someone is reading and more people are reading than we will ever realize.

    ~ Gary ~


    1. I’m glad that the Philippines inspires you to write. This country’s rich culture is really a great topic to write about. Yes we must keep writing. Especially though blogs, we can reach people from all over the world. It’s amazing!


  2. A great read. I totally share the same sentiment. Even if I get negative feedback from my writing, I still allow the comments to be there on my posts. After all, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And as for me, I am thankful for their observations for I contemplate on their views as well.

    It was honestly disturbing and hurtful at first but then, I believe I mature with negative feedback being able to stomach them. And with that, comes wisdom …or not. Haha. Sorry for the nonsense rambling. Okay, I’ll stop now. 🙂


    1. I guess that’s why writing is an act of bravery. There can be negative feedback, there can be positive feedback, but in the end what really matters is we got to express ourselves. The feedback can affect us in the way that it either makes us feel good or bad, but the feedback is not the reason why we write. 🙂


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