Why is religion so obsessed with sex?

High school Ja looked at the C.L.E. (Christian Living Education) curriculum and saw that for this quarter they were going to talk about morality. She was excited to learn what it was all about, until she realized that morality meant sexual morality.

The class was going to be bombarded with virginity pledges, videos on genital warts, an abortion documentary, and a bloody close-up shot of a woman giving birth. The course was effective–it obliterated any desire in her to have pre-marital sex, in fact, she never ever wanted to have sex at all.

Why does religion resort to fear tactics in order to coerce people to not have the kind of sex religion disapproves of? If sex-related issues are important, then why don’t they put the same kind of effort in condemning rape or sexism?

For an institution that preaches about virginity and chastity, religion seems to be heavily obsessed with sex. If you ask a random person what a Catholic believes, besides the usual Jesus, Mary, one God; they will enumerate a number of prohibitions against homosexual sex, pre-marital sex, prostitution, masturbation, controlling the consequences of sex such as abortion and artificial contraception, and getting out of sexual unions such as divorce. Like you don’t hear priests talking about environmental issues as much as you hear them talking about sex. It’s as if sex is the only relevant social issue that religion cares about.

I talk a lot about issues related to sexuality, but I’m one person; I’m not an entire institution. I don’t even agree with the Catholic religion’s stance on these issues, but even if I do, I still wonder: why is religion so hot about sex?

If you look at the Bible, you’ll realize that Jesus didn’t talk about these issues. His predominant concerns were helping the poor, being merciful, loving others even your own enemy, etc. So when did the Catholic religion suddenly abandon their god’s initial concerns and replaced it with this fixation on sex? So why sex? Why just sex?

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8 thoughts on “Why is religion so obsessed with sex?

    1. Hahahaha. Yes it’s the Good Samaritan. I never thought they looked like two guys in love, but now that you said it, they do look like they’re in love, and the title of the book (To Respond with love) totally fits with that interpretation! Hahaha!


  1. It isn’t only the Catholic church but some conservative Protestant church denominations are also obsessed with the issue of sex in regards to “sin.” I think their idea is to preserve the sanctity of marriage and the purity of a virgin bride, with Mary being the role model.

    I am not Catholic, so my personal spiritual leaders do not dwell on birth control or damning those who use contraceptives. Abortion is a hot issue among conservative Protestants but it deals more with the taking of a human life, which begins at conception, than with the issue of sex itself. Homosexuality and same sex marriage is another hot issue among conservative Protestants and their point is that marriage and sex was designed by God for a man and a women. Two men or two women engaged in a sexual relationship is against even the very laws of nature, according to their teachings.

    On a final note, I think most free societies are bombarded with sex everyday. Sexy ads, sexy models, sexy movies and even X-rated or bold movies, and the drive for both sexes to be as sexy as possible! Even older men and women. Psychological studies have revealed that most “normal” men think about sex every 7 seconds.

    ~ Gary ~


    1. hey gary, was reading your comments there some good points, but the ‘revelation’ by psychological studies part stood out as being a little unusual. so I did some maths. based on a average 16 hour waking day, 60 minutes per hour, 60 seconds per minute:
      16 x 60 x 8.57 times per minute = men think about sex 8227 times per day!!!!
      this is obviously unadulterated bullshit, I don’t think every 7 seconds, I don’t think every seven minutes never mind everytime about sex.. Men ‘think’ about sex whenever they are aroused which likely happens numerous times per day, but nowhere near 8227 times per day, that’s close to thinking about sex more often than we breathe . I’m not having a go at you. I heard that same figure quoted myself probably whenever I was quite young and unable to separate bullshit from truth. I guess this goes to show there is bullshit in psychology aswell as the roman catholic church
      ~ a lapsed psychologist, lol~


  2. Hey, thanks for sharing such an interesting entry.

    It’s really not about the sex teaching but rather, quoting from Mr. Jim Paredes during the height of RH Bill passage, “the power to manipulate the people”–or something of that sort. I don’t remember it verbatim. The Catholic church, will do anything to be at the center of everything even if it involves doing things that may deem unacceptable for many.

    So going back to your question of ‘why just sex?’. I personally think that it’s because sex is the core of having a family, and family is the foundation of the basic unit of society. And when a family has been brought up strictly according to the views of the Roman Catholic church, they simply obey what the Church says. And with that obedience, comes their power.


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