10 Simple Gifts I’d Love to Receive

1. A bucket of ballpens

Why don’t people buy me a bucket full of cheap ballpens? I’ve received some fancy pens in velvety cases, but what I need is volume. I often run out of ballpens because I write a lot or I lose them, so it would be perfect if someone gave me loads of ballpens.

I often prefer black, but I’m ok with blue. My favorite brands are: Faster, Faber Castel, Star Pentel, Pilot, Titus, Superb Writer, and Ninja. My ultimate favorite is Star Pentel, but now I often buy Ninja because it’s the cheapest. For sign pens, I like Pilot and the sign pens sold at the bangketas near NSO.

2. Notebooks of different sizes

Many have given me notebooks, but they don’t know that I have certain kaartehan specifications for a notebook. For my diaries/ morning pages, I want an intermediate sized spiral notebook. For work, I prefer a normal sized spiral notebook. For poetry and lyrics, I prefer a fancy notebook with no lines. For everyday stuff, any small notebook that I can carry around will do.

3. Second hand books

Maybe some people think that it’s embarrassing to give someone an old tattered book, but I wouldn’t mind. I’d love to receive books on psychology, writing, art, politics, history, philosophy, feminism, business, leadership, management, self-help, marketing, books by comedians, about comedy, biographies, writing, crafts, creativity, etc. You can also check out the books I’ve read to see what books I like.


For my numerous books!

5. Cute tissue holder

I have allergic rhinitis, so I use up lots of tissues. I’ve always wanted to buy those cute tissue holders, but of course they are unnecessary purchases. But if someone else bought it for me, I’d be delighted.

6. Black ponytail holders

I like those that are cloth-based, non-plastic, and semi-thick-but-not-to-the-level-of-a-scrunchie.

7. Photo albums

Although most of my photos are in my computer, I still have lots that have been developed, but I have no photo album to place them in. I would also love to develop my photos on my computer. I think they look nicer in photo albums.

8. Clearbooks or cheap scrapbooks

I like collecting mementos and putting them in scrapbooks. I also like using clearbooks for this.

9. A box of double sided tapes

Rather than glue, I often use double sided tapes for my crafts and other random artistic projects.

10. Cheap Art Materials

Buy me anything like pieces of colored paper, cheap gel pens, paint, anything, and I’ll be happy!

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