If I Were to Create Feminist Art

1. Street Harassers Video

I will get three girls: a stunning model, a plain girl, and an ugly girl. We’ll pick three kinds of outfits: totally covered up, showing a little skin, and slutty. Each girl will walk along crowded streets in different outfits during different days with a hidden camera.

We’ll compile all the video snippets of the street harassers, blur the faces of the harassers, and project the videos on a wall of the street that the videos were taken. Each segment of street harassers will start by showing the girl and what she wore, then it will go on to show the harassers and their reactions to her.

2. Chastity Armor

Instead of chastity belts, I’ll create a full-body chastity armor. The female volunteer will be wearing the chastity armor, which means she is wearing silver armor covering her pelvic area (legs are exposed), her chest, and her head. The head area of the armor is sealed.

The woman will be lying on a mat at a grimy street. She is like a homeless person squatting there. She will stay there all night, seemingly alone, but a group of female and male tambays will be around the area monitoring her to ensure her safety.

A sign beside the woman will say “unrape-able and free,” and a hidden camera will record the reactions of passersby. She is also illuminated by a spotlight.

This idea came about because an assistant of a museum once told me that when they hosted the Filipino artist David Medalla, they let him stay at a dormitory. One morning, when the guard of the dorm opened the door, he found Mr. Medalla sleeping on the floor. The artist explained that he forgot the key to his room so he just slept outside. The guard said that the artist should have woken him up so the guard could let him in. Mr. Medalla said that it was ok because he was used to sleeping on the streets. Although he is now an internationally renowned artist, Mr. Medalla was probably once a young starving artists who slept on the streets. This was a consequence of his choice to be an artist. I thought that this was the ultimate form of “freedom”, to be an artist and to be unafraid to sleep on the streets. But this freedom is not as available to women. If a woman was alone, sleeping on the streets, she can get raped. This fear of getting raped, which on one hand is true but on some level is also a form of fear-mongering, is also the reason why a woman’s freedom is restricted. The excuse is often “to protect women”. To “protect” her from getting raped, she is not allowed to wear certain clothes, she is not allowed to travel alone, she is not allowed to drive, etc. To “protect” her from the person who harassed her in her office, she is fired from her job. Great things are invented to “protect her” like the anti-rape nail polish. Soon she’ll be so protected, she’ll be encased in a full-body armor, but she’ll also be immobile. This is not freedom.

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