Wishing for a Dictionary of Description Pegs from Literature

Now that I’m writing a lot of descriptions, sometimes I get stuck. I look at something, and I’m like, What kind of vocabulary do I need in order to describe this? At that moment, I’d wish for some sort of reference that I could leaf through like a dictionary, but instead of words, it would have description pegs from literature. As in if you look up house, you’ll get a list of how writers like J.K. Rowling, to Edgar Allan Poe, etc. described different houses. Then, you can use them as your guide to create your own.

I need this guide because sometimes I’d be wondering if I can describe things a little differently. I’d wish that I could play with different templates in order to create my own mix of interesting descriptions. Like a painter who studies the master’s techniques by copying them, I can also do the same with descriptions.

Since there is no dictionary of descriptions, then maybe I should start one myself. Yeah that seems like an interesting project. Maybe I’ll post it on my blog as well. Maybe I’ll become more sensitive to the techniques of writers now that I am looking for these things. Cool! I’m so excited! Wish me luck!

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