3 Simple Happiness Boosters

No matter how trendy, deep, or powerful sadness is, I’ve always kept it out of my creative life. Unlike other artists who thrive under near-death depression or achieve cathartic release by ranting, I experience sadness as paralysis. I can’t write. I can’t think. I can only get creative when I am in a state of happiness–a condition that ranges from euphoria to peaceful contentment.

Now that I work as a writer, it has become more important to maintain my positive state of mind. That is why I’ve come up with three quick fixes to any bad mood:

1. Happy writing

As I said in I am a happy artistwriting about happy things gets me through sadness. It lets me shift my attention to something more positive, reminds me of all the good things I have in life, and eventually helps me to recover.

2. Walking

I love walking around our village. Most of the time I walk with my mom. Not only does exercise trigger endorphins,  but seeing the green shrubs and trees also relaxes me.

3. Fixing my room

Although my room is a testament of organized chaos, sometimes I get obsessed with cleaning my room and arranging things. Ever since my mother told me that someone’s room is a reflection of that person’s mind, cleaning up my room became a symbolic way of clearing my mind.

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