Sex Talk: Only Talk about Sex If You’re Not Having Sex

I don’t know if these commercials are still airing on TV, but I remember there were two commercials encouraging teenagers to talk to their parents about sex. The setting is always the same. The family is about to eat, then the kid says something to the mom and dad. In one commercial the kid is a girl and in the other it’s a guy.

Although it’s great that the commercials are encouraging teenagers to talk to their parents about sex, the commercials send a subliminal message–only talk about sex if you’re not having sex.

For the girl, she confesses that she broke up with her boyfriend. The parents ask why, and her response implies that her boyfriend was asking her to have sex with him. The parents look worried, then they ask her, Anong sinabi mo? She says something like, Diba (I have to save myself until marriage)? The parents hug her, and the commercial ends.

For the boy, he tells his parents that his friends are telling him that a true man is someone who isn’t a virgin anymore. Again, the parents look really worried, then they ask him, Anong sinabi mo? He says something like, Diba ang tunay na lalaki (stays a virgin until marriage). The parents hug him, and the commercial ends.

Spot the similarities

Ok, first let’s say hurrah for the Philippines. We are actually trying to erase the taboo on talking about sex. I think it’s a great initiative to encourage teenagers to talk to their parents about sex because teenagers need guidance especially in this area. This is of course if your parents are open minded, and they actually listen and dialogue with you as opposed to just shut you down and reprimand you.

The downside of the commercial is that the teenagers only talk about not having sex. It’s good that this personal issue is being discussed openly, but not openly enough for teenagers to talk about wanting to have sex or talking about what’s happening in their sex life. I’m not saying that parents should pressure their kids to have sex, but if the teens are already having sex, then at least give them guidance on how to have safe sex.

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2 thoughts on “Sex Talk: Only Talk about Sex If You’re Not Having Sex

  1. Even in the USA, some parents have difficulty having a conversation with their children about sex. Some children also have difficulty having this discussion with their parents. Many fathers do not like to even think about their daughter having a sexual relationship with a guy outside of marriage. I don’t think it is all religious belief but the belief that their daughter is above all reproach and also not wanting their daughter becoming a victim of being used or taken advantage.

    It is different with male children in most societies, it seems. Whether right or wrong, that is the way it is. Some fathers would be proud of his son’s “conquests,” even if only privately, but would be ready to almost murder some guys if his daughter talked of hers. This attitude has changed very little over time and only the most open minded parents would think otherwise.

    ~ Gary ~


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