Street Harassment for the Day: Garbage Truck Harasser

Today I got harassed again. While jogging in our village, a garbage truck passed by, and either the driver or his passenger said, “Hey ma’am!” Maybe you think that there’s nothing wrong with this, but when you are constantly bombarded with “Hey miss!”, “Hey ma’am!”, “Hey sexy!”, “Miss maganda (Miss beautiful)!”, it gets to you. No, it completely pisses you off. It’s like living in a constant barrage of disrespect.

This is not the first time that this happened to me, and I am tired of just ignoring these harassers. I seriously want to scream at them, but my mother said that this is dangerous because they might hurt me, or baka “abangan ako”. So I’m doing this. Whatever this is. I can’t just stay silent. Street harassment happens. It constantly happens to me. We should talk about this. We should do something about it.

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