I Will Never Be Scarred

Don’t get scarred. Someone is waiting to find you whole.

Today I promise myself that I will never be scarred, not by you or by anyone else. This might be a bold pronouncement with a large dose of naivete as I haven’t tasted the full bitterness of heartbreak.

I’ve only experienced an unrequited love and a hazy “non-relationship” relationship. Still, I want to promise myself that no matter what happens, I will never be scarred. Maybe someday when I’m at the brink of losing hope, I’ll read this, and it will remind me to try again, to risk again, and to love again.

If I experience heartbreak, I will cry, I will shout, I will write angry words, I will stare blankly into space as I lie immobile in bed. But I will never let things embitter me.

If I let disappointing experiences scar me, it would be unfair to the future person who will come into my life. If I can’t appreciate him because I am stuck in the past, I won’t be able to see him, and he doesn’t deserve that.

I want to stay whole. I will never be scarred. I will always love again.

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