Feedback! Feedback! Why do you read this blog?

It’s so weird that over the past few days I have gained so many followers. I actually have 198 blog followers. I can’t wait till I hit 200! Now the question is, why are people following me? I rarely post “useful” information.

Most of the time I just post whatever I feel like posting. I talk about my Filipino family, my childhood, and random inventions that I will never create.

Sometimes I write about serious topics like feminism, racism, and the weird world of religion. The last topic might offend certain bloggers and the two former topics might disinterest many. Still, people are reading this blog.

Why? Why are you reading my blog? What blog posts have you read and liked? Why do you like these blog posts? Any suggestion as to how I can improve as a writer? I would love to hear your feedback!

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8 thoughts on “Feedback! Feedback! Why do you read this blog?

      1. Lol! I hope you don’t think I’m a stalker or a weirdo. I happen to run across your blog after seeing a meme about “Flavors of Negros” and searching for any sort of social media reaction to the misconstrued interpretation. You provided a well thought out and concise write-up on the vernaculars of English in a country where it is not the primary language and how it can be misinterpreted. After reading that fine piece, I clicked on your other topics and was intrigued. Aside from having that “pretty girl-next-door” feature, your knack for good writing and projection of thought-inducing topics put you on the “hot chick” category. LOL, ya know, some of us are suckers for smart women.


        1. Hahaha thanks! Maybe I should upload more photos of myself if that seems to attract readers. ;-p Thanks for reading my blog! I’m planning to branch off and create two more blogs so stay tuned for that! 🙂


  1. I have this thing with good writers writing “rarely post “useful” information”. I’ve wondered why I get followers on site, too. I don’t want to ask them like you do–fearing they come to their senses and leave LOL


  2. Hi Ja,

    I started my first ever blog, All Around Bacolod, in Feb/2012 and I was looking for other interesting blogs to read and get some ideas. I only read and follow blogs that are about the Philippines. Your blog about the flying saucer recipe attracted my attention because Kaffe Sadtu, coffee shop, in Bacolod has flying saucer sandwiches on their menu. The owner even posted on your blog that we could get free coffee if we went there but you don’t live in Bacolod. I do. Lol.

    So, I have followed your blog ever since. Your blog is listed on my homepage of All Around Bacolod and once I started “Retiring to the Philippines” online expat magazine, I have readers on both sties. I am also on Linkedin and so are you, I do believe on the Writers network.

    I am also a writer and I enjoy reading anything about the Philippines. I also write a lot about the Philippine culture and since I studied Parapsychology in college, I enjoy the superstitions and folklore of the country. I also write about aswangs, capri, white ladies, lol, and voodoo. I don’t practice that, of course, but I enjoy the topic.

    Personally, I think you write very interesting articles and I have read them all the past 16 months.

    I am not one who streamlines to promote my own blog. I don’t visit many blogs just to get my blog name on theirs. For those who visit my blog and “like” it, I do visit theirs but I don’t follow so many. I just checked and I only follow 13 blogs and of those, only 4 bloggers are really active, yours included. Bacolod Food Hunters is my other real favorite, together with Filipino Scribe. It is alright to mention those because none of the four of us are in competition! Each are different but great!

    The Obsessions Blog has become a part of my regular online reading over the past 16 months. I am happy you are still active with it, as many start out with a good blog but they give up the ghost! They quit.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~


    1. Thank you so much Gary! Yeah I am really trying to continue updating this blog. Sometimes it’s hard especially when there’s so much work. But I’ve decided to really keep on writing no matter what. Thank you so much for reading my blog!


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