My Top 10 Blog Posts of All Time (Until June 2013)

Can you believe that my first blog post was in March 2, 2011? Back in 2011, I made a list of my top 10 blog posts of all time, so I decided to make a new list:

1. Why Americans Shouldn’t Get Angry about the Flavors of Negros (8,689 hits)

This post got 8,689 hits! Can you believe that? If I got one peso per hit, that would be a treat.

This post was my reaction to Jamie Foxx’ fans who negatively reacted to a Filipino restaurant called “Flavors of Negros”. The fans thought that it was racist, not knowing that Negros is the name of an island in the Philippines. Although it might sound like the word that is used to insult African Americans, it really has no connection with the history and culture of African Americans.

2. My Sophia Grace and Rosie Obsession (1,667 hits)

I love Sophia Grace and Rosie that’s why I collected all their videos in one post. I also have a Pinterest board for these cute little kids. The link to the Pinterest board is in the post.

3. Jessica Sanchez: Arrogant or Humble? (1,307 hits)

I love watching American Idol, and now I’m getting really sad because people are not paying much attention to it anymore. I was rooting for Jessica Sanchez to win the crown, and because I’m so obsessed, I read several articles about Jessica Sanchez. I also read the comments. Then I noticed that some people were saying that Jessica is so humble, but some were saying she’s so arrogant. I was like, how can there be completely different assessments of one person? I started to analyze where these perceptions were coming from, and I wrote that down in the post.

4. Ja’s New Jokes/Pick Up Lines for Girls and Boys (1,192 hits)

I got obsessed with a Filipino movie called My Amnesia Girl, and in this movie the characters said several pick up lines that were so corny, they were funny. So I decided to make my own list of jokes.

5. Filipino Health Drink: Talbos ng Kamote (Sweet Potato Leaves) Juice (1,180 hits)

My mom loves making healthy juice drinks, so I decided to post one of her recipes.

6. To Shift or Not to Shift (1,019 hits)

This is the only post that was in my top 10 in 2011, and it was the number one post back then. It is an essay I wrote for a campus newsletter that was distributed to freshmen. I was asked to write something about my college experienced, so I decided to write about my shifting spree. It also serves as a how to guide to shifting, but the steps are integrated into a fun narrative.

7. Wishing for a Mark as Unread for Facebook (923 hits)

Sometimes I forget to reply to people on Facebook, so I made this post about wishing that I could mark messages and notifications as unread.

8. My Favorite Contestants in American Idol So Far (914 hits)

As I said I really love American Idol. During the start of Jessica Sanchez’ season, I liked Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips. Someone posted a comment and he said he was Heejun’s brother! Check out the comment in the post.

9. 100 Things that I’m Thankful For (676)

I am really into positive thinking, so I decided to focus on all the great things I have through this post.

10. Turn Shoe Boxes into Mini Bookshelves (649 hits)

This is my first crafts invention. I was sick and tired of my overcrowded bookshelf, so I thought of another way to store my books. Since I didn’t have money to buy another bookshelf, and I have little space in my super small room, I decided to make mini bookshelves out of shoe boxes.

How about you? What are your favorite posts from this blog?

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