What are your writing habits?

Hey writers! What are your writing habits? Don’t be shy! Tell us! Tell us!

1. What time of the day do you write the best?

I write in the mornings. Afternoons are a bit sluggish. I almost never write at night.

2. Paper or computer?

In the past I used to write on paper, but now I write straight into the computer. The only time I write on paper is when I write in my diary.

3. What is your preferred writing tool?

I never use pencil because I did that when I was a kid, and I discovered that they fade in time. I like black ballpens specifically brands such as Faster, Faber Castel, Star Pentel, Pilot, Titus, and Ninja. My favorite is Star Pentel.

4. Do you write everyday?

Almost always. I try to blog everyday. I also write my morning pages, and every Tuesday and Wednesday I have to submit articles for work.

5. What kind of environment do you need in order to write?

I have trained my self to write in food courts. Being picky about your writing environment can be a form of procrastination.

6. What do you do when you are blocked?

When it comes to my work, I have no choice but to write. I start the article writing the easy parts of the article or typing up the facts, then the rest of the article becomes easier to write.

Walking around my village or doing my morning pages also helps.

7.What’s the best writing advice that you’ve received?

The stuff written in Steal Like an Artist and 7 F***in’ Great Ways to Build Your Writing Routine. All the stuff I learned from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg.

8. What kinds of books do you read?

I read all sorts of books from fiction to non-fiction. I love reading articles on the internet as well.

9. Pro or anti thesaurus?

I use the thesaurus. When I discover a new word, I check the dictionary first so that I know how to use it.

10. Other weird writing quirks?

I like mixing jargon. I use a vocabulary used in a certain field, for example in economics, then I apply it in an article about, say baking. Ok that’s just an example, but the point is I try to mix up the vocabulary to create a certain kind of feel that’s unique and interesting. I search the internet for pictures and this helps me describe things. Drawing things before describing them also helps me.

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4 thoughts on “What are your writing habits?

  1. Great post! i do all my writing in the afternoons, late at night and early mornings before I have even gone to sleep for my REM rest.

    I always write on the computer. I write everyday. I post on several Yahoo Groups about the Philippines, where I am also a Moderator, List Guide and/or owner, I write two articles each week for Retiring to the Philippines online expat magazine and I write for my blog, All Around Bacolod, but I only publish 3-4 posts per month on it. By choice.

    I most always write at home on my computer. So far, I haven’t experienced writers block in any major way. I always get inspired before the deadline if I have not written ahead of time, which I normally do.

    I have a routine. i think about what I am going to write about. I then search for the photo I want to use. I put in the title of the article, I upload the photo and then I begin writing but I already know what I will write the first few paragraphs. And then I just let it flow.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~


  2. My writing times are in the early AM and later in the evening when it is quiet. My ritual of writing is to brainstorm and then write the draft on paper. Last edit and type, read aloud to myself and make last minute changes ,spell check and check again myself. ( For those words that can sound the same but mean different, ex. role or roll. I’ve caught myself before!) Great post, Allie


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