Writing Challenge: Describe a Place, Imply a Character

This is one of the writing exercises that we did during the first writers meet up that I organized. We had already finished doing character exercises, when I felt like the group wanted something different, so I thought, why not do a writing prompt on a place?

So yes, I just spontaneously invented this writing prompt, but it came from somewhere. Since I’m a big Harry Potter fan (I mean the books. The movies are cute, but they’re not the same as the books), I’ve always noticed that J.K. Rowling’s descriptions of a room revealed the character of the person or the community that occupied that space.

That’s my inspiration, and this is the result:

Title: A Car Without a Lock

Not all the locks in his car worked. The lock for the driver’s door had been broken for ages. The seatbelt for the passenger’s seat was also nonexistent. A cellphone was lying there forgotten near the gas pedal. It had ten messages from the same girl, all read but the sent box was empty. There was a glass bowl on the passenger’s seat beside a plastic bag of worms that were squirming to get out. A red petal was smushed into the back pocket of the driver’s seat. Crushing the delicate petal was a plastic Jollibee cup, a bottle of vodka, and a marijuana stash. A squeaking mouse was dying underneath the tire.

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