I Don’t Want to Be Like Them

Meeting immature and mean-spirited adults makes me deathly afraid. I’m afraid because now I’m 25, and I can’t say I’m not an adult anymore, but I don’t feel like one still. I’m afraid because what if I become like them? What if I’m 60 and still shitty?

When I was younger, I had this idealized notion of what adults were like. I thought that after a certain number of years, surely they’d have enough time to work on themselves and settle their issues but reality bites.

People aren’t perfect, for sure, but how can there be 40, 50, or even 60 year olds who are so unstable, you’d think they just came out of a wobbly womb? How can a person continue to be this little prick after decades? Didn’t years on this earth teach them anything? Didn’t somebody call them out or something?

When I get criticized, I listen. I reflect on it, and I am always trying to improve myself everyday. Is that enough? Will this be my saving grace from the Zombieland of immaturity? What’s enough? What will it take? How can I ensure that I will never be like them? That I will be me in the way I define myself, in the way I want to be–a person who is good, a person who has principles, a person who is responsible, a person who encourages other people to fulfill their dreams, a person who I’ll be proud to be.

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Be Like Them

  1. As long as you continue to insulate yourself from “people like them” by surrounding yourself with “people you want to be like”, you’ll be fine. =)


    1. Hey Alvin! Yeah we have to be really careful about the kinds of people we let in our lives. But I also want to be a strong person because sometimes you will be forced to work or interact with certain people. If I am strong enough and I know who I am then I will not be influenced by the people around me.


  2. I don’t want to be like them, either, and I am not. I just wrote an article last week about Expats living in the Philippines and the name of my article is “The Good, Bad and The Ugly.” Ugly is not referring to their appearance but about their behavior.

    I worked more than 20 years in the USA as a mental health counselor and another 5 years almost in law enforcement. I learned at a younger age that all people are not basically good. Some forms of mental illness can be successfully treated but some people are just so bad, they need to be locked up, away from society due to their violent tendencies toward other people.

    I know every country has bad people but among my Filipino friends, which are far more than my expat friends, not one ever created a problem in my life. I cannot say the same about expats, who I thought were friends.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~


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