Remember People Who Make You Happy

Late last night, I couldn’t sleep, and I don’t know why but my thoughts drifted to several people who’ve made my life miserable. Then I woke up from that self-inflicted nightmare and realized, Why am I wasting my time thinking about these people? 

I shifted my thoughts to the people who make me happy, and I shockingly discovered that my memories of happiness-sucking people were more detailed than those who’ve brought me joy. I’ve over-practiced thinking about those dementors that I couldn’t summon my happy memories.

Now that I’ve realized this, things will change. I will stop thinking about those dementors. I’ve already escaped their presence, so why reincarnate them through my thoughts? Why let their memories overshadow the memories of the people who matter in my life? From now on I will think better; I will think happier.

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One thought on “Remember People Who Make You Happy

  1. Great thoughts and words we should all live by. Just pretend they never happened and forgot about them. I learned this long ago.

    I enjoy being around people who have positive thoughts, who see the glass as half full. Some people like to rain on others parade because they had a bad experience or because they are unhappy. They enjoy bashing everything, including the good things. If all one has is a hammer, everything becomes a nail!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~


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