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I want to make a feminist blog that can be mistakenly clicked on by non-feminists. So that it will be read by men who’ve never been exposed to feminism and thus don’t understand “what the hullabaloo is all about”, bigots who actively hate women, and women who’ve internalized their disempowerment.

It doesn’t have to change their minds right away, but I want the idea to stay with them. After reading the blog entry, I want them to go hmmmm, I never thought of it that way. Hopefully, they’ll eventually  realize that because of a lack of awareness, they have been treating women in a different or unfair way.

Through my blog, I want them to have a deeper understanding of women’s concerns, so that they can make adjustments in their behavior toward women, in their beliefs about women, and relationships with women.

My inspiration for this idea is the feminist blog Jezebel. The innovative thing about them is that the posts are not written in the usual academic language, but are written in a casual, young, and hip manner. I want to make a blog like that.

How I’ll differ from Jezebel is the target audience. Instead of targeting women, I’m aiming for men and women. This means that the blog design, blog icon, title of the blog, blurb for the blog, titles of the entries, and the first paragraph of the entries must not give away the blog’s agenda.

So I’m not using pink for my blog. I’m not putting pictures of myself there. The entries must be able to hook non-feminist readers and certain signs are dead giveaways.

This is going to take a lot of brain work, but I think this is necessary. I often notice in Facebook that those who share feminist posts are already feminist. It’s great that they’re feminist, but I wonder how effective that article is to making non-feminist read them.

It’s good that the community is strong, but feminist need to stop talking to each other or writing for each other. We need to talk to bigots and people who are unaware of feminism because we need to convince them to start treating women better.

These are grand plans, and I hope someday I’ll be able to do it.

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