Harassment of the Day

Just extensively shouted at a street harasser for the first time (before this I’ve only briefly retaliated with a short question or a giving him the finger). I was going down the bus when I passed by a bunch of teenagers hanging out near the bus station. One guy said, “Hi babe!” I’ve been planning to CALMLY confront future street harassers with a few questions, but I just lost it and started shouting.

The calm responses I’ve been planning to make:

Bakit mo ako kinausap/sinipulan?
Anong pangalan mo?
(Name), binabastos mo ba ako?
(Name), tama ba mambastos ng babae?
(Name), sino nagturo sa iyo na tama mambastos ng babae?
(Name), may asawa ka ba, anak na babae, o nanay?
(Name), kung sila yung bastusin ok lang ba yun?
(Name), magbagong buhay ka na. Mali ang ginagawa mo.

I turned around and said, “Bakit mo ako hina-hi babe?” He was taken aback and was looking around seeking support from his friends, but they just stayed silent. It was dark so I couldn’t see them, except for one girl who woke up suddenly and was looking at me really angrily. I kept shouting, “Nambabastos ka? Putangina mo!” He was still looking at me really amused as though a woman expressing anger was the silliest thing he’s seen in his life. He was young, around 19 years old maybe, wearing a cap. As I left, he said, “Hi babe!” still with complete amusement in his voice. (Fairview near Total Gas Station, Dec. 14, 12:49pm).

I was wearing a tight skirt a little above the knee, a black top with red flowers, and a long denim jacket. But even if I were naked, no one has the right to harass me. A woman’s dress is not a free access pass to sexual harassment.

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