Jeremy the Little Indian Giver

When my cousin Jeremy was really young, probably like 5 years old or something, he befriended our maid’s little son in the province. Jeremy’s mother, Tita Gia, just bought him lots of cheap plastic toys from the market, and a couple of torotot hats for New Year. For some sort of reason, Jeremy started giving all his toys and hats to the other kid. He was like Ito sa iyo na ito, ito pa. We were all surprised. Naks naman si Jeremy, mapagbigay, we all said, quite amused.

The maid’s kid was so happy because he didn’t have lots of toys. The afternoon sun rose, and Jeremy got bored. He realized that all his toys were gone, so he started crying, saying he wants his toys back. We all laughed at him, saying Si Jeremy indian giver! Si Jeremy indian giver! I joked to his older sister Apple, Pag-laki ni Jeremy, i-reremind ko sa kanya ung nangyari today, ano kaya sasabihin niya? Apple said, Sige, tapos pagtawanan natin siya. Jeremy is now in high school. I wonder if he remembers this at all.

Note: names were changed to protect their identity

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