My OMG I’m in the First World Moments

Note: I posted this on my Facebook, and I decided to post it here too.

My impressions of Las Vegas, Nevada:

1.) All the houses look the same. When the plane was landing and I looked out the window, the houses looked like well arranged lego. It’s like an opening scene in Harry Potter where you see Hedwig swooping down to Harry’s window.

2.) There’s a drive through ATM

3.) There’s a drive through Pharmacy

4.) There’s a dvd vending machine

5.) If you want to return a library book, you just drop it off in some drop box. You don’t need to enter the library.

6.) The Eucharist host in the mass is bigger, thicker, brownish, and tastes like it’s made of wheat.

7.) There are free doughnuts when you go to mass on Sunday. Big yummy doughnuts not cheap ass doughnuts. There is free coffee and juice too.

8.) There are so many eat-all-you-can restaurants.

9.) The medium size of their drink is our large times two.

10.) There are so many fat people. Not just chubby, but really OMG FAT.

11.) The casinos/ hotels are huge and really pretty and fancy!

12.) There are replicas of: the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Rialto Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, etc. For me, those replicas are really huge but I was told that the real ones are even bigger. WOW!

13.) I saw two people dressed as an angel and a devil walking down the street. As in full on anime-like costume. I saw one man dressed like Spiderman and another one dressed like Elvis.

14.) There is no traffic. One hour drive in the Philippines takes ten minutes here in Las Vegas.

15.) Cars stop when they see pedestrians. In the Philippines, sasagasaan ka talaga ng mga kotse, as in the cars honk at you and go even faster.

16.) The grocery store has a machine that automatically calculates and dispenses your change.

17.) They have a hi-tech system to make sure that the house is safe from burglars. Like codes and alarms which tip off the police. Back home we have a dog and a fence that has wires on top. Somehow we never got robbed.

18.) My cousin told me that there are people here who park their cars in the airport just to watch the airplanes come and go. It’s like bird watching except it’s airplanes. Errr…olrayt. Manliit ka na mga maya birds!

19.) They have a public library where everything is free and pretty!

20.) They have a grocery that has a do-it-yourself check out station.

21.) When the priest offers the body and blood of Christ, they have no kring kring sound effects

22.) The UNLV library has a section where there’s a machine that gets the book for you. As in. Automatic. Wow!

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