To Write with Ease

I want to write. I want to find an easy writing prompt that will allow me to write, and write, and write, and keep on writing till I don’t know anymore what to write and what to say. I want to feel the fervor of a speedily written line. I want to feel the fervor of a thought that doesn’t think but only expresses, only feels, only loves, only speaks. I want to keep on writing like it’s spiritual.

But I feel it now. I feel the words closing in, and the censor with its whip of logic asks me for discipline and moves me to hit the backspace. If you’re doing your free writing, the backspace is evil. You erase thoughts that come naturally. You erase humanity’s rawness preserved through mistakes and blunders. You say what you want to say, then rethink it through the backspace.

When you do your free writing, leave grammar at the door, leave spelling at the door, only have your heart in your hand, your voice, and let loose. Be free on paper. Don’t stop even for mistakes. Keep on writing. Keep on going. Don’t be dependent on the backspace. Create a new discipline without the backspace.

I want to do this for thirty minutes just to see what will happen. That’s why I guess it’s better to write on paper because it flows. When you use the keyboard, you can make mistakes because you pressed the wrong letter, and that’s when you start your dependence on the backspace button. It becomes insidious, seeping into your habits, controlling your expression. You think censorship is normal; you call it a drive for perfection when it’s actually a drive towards silence.

You should allot a time to just write freely, and let yourself make all the mistakes. The thing that frees me the most is when I tell myself “I’m allowing myself to write badly.” I learned this Julia Cameron’s book “The Right to Write.” Julia Cameron said that you should make a promise that goes, “I’ll take care of the quantity, universe you take care of the quality.”

We’ll never know how smart we really are until we speak, so why stay silent? I don’t understand why articles keep saying writing is hard. Writing is only hard if you make it hard. If you’re working on something pretty merrily, it won’t feel hard. Writing takes a lot of hard work, but writing need not be hard. If you’re enjoying yourself too much there won’t be time to feel any hardship in your hard work.

My mission in life is to make everyone a writer. I think everyone is a writer. One way or another we have to preserve each other’s life experiences. I know you want to stop and think of the next brilliant thing to say, but resist the temptation to pause and just write. Just write.

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One thought on “To Write with Ease

  1. “My mission in life is to make everyone a writer. I think everyone is a writer.”
    I like your mission and I don’t know but I also think that deep down everyone has this writer-thing going on. Somehow.


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