A Writer’s Manifesto

I believe in myself. I am a great writer. I will find my masterpiece by writing everyday.

My mission is to train my brain like an athlete ready to run; run wild with creativity; run wild with freedom; run wild till I become everything that I want to be and say everything that I need to say; run wild as though immortality is but a mile away; run wild.

I will continuously find a reason to write. I will be able to motivate myself everyday.

Stories need to be heard. I will be heard. I speak with power.

Every sentence that I write, I will discover myself; I will discover the world; I will discover life.

I believe in art, in the universe, and in the greatness of the human spirit.

I must learn about life, about the complexities of human relationships, about the depth and strength of the human spirit, about the issues that the world is facing today, and about anything and everything that sparks my interest.

It’s okay to be interested in so many things. I must accept that this is who I am–a Renaissance woman. Other people have their own paths. Don’t envy other people’s paths; they are not yours.

Art is not a competition; it’s a community. I should remember that “People succeed in groups” (Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project). I will help other people succeed. I will tell them all my secrets. I want to be an artist that added another path toward artistic freedom, not created constraints using accusation of unoriginality.

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