Shouting Bosses: Should We Report Them?

My mother told me that in her company there is a rule that if a boss shouts at an employee the employee can file a complaint against the boss, and the boss will be disciplined according to the gravity of the situation. This rule surprised me because it seems like nowadays boss equals the right to verbally abuse your employees. It seems like shouting is unprofessional and immature except if you’re the boss. If you’re in a position of power, shout away!

Lucky for me, my boss doesn’t shout at me, but I have met many people who’ve told me stories about their terrible bosses. I also must admit that I have shouted at people in the past, but I know that doing those things were wrong. I could have stood my ground and reasoned out in a calm but firm manner. There was no need to shout.

For bosses though, they rarely feel guilty after they’ve shouted. Some even feel entitled to scream away. Even if the information that they relayed was important, they could have handed out the criticisms in a calm but firm manner.

Managers are supposed to be good with working with people, but when a boss shouts, it betrays the boss’ lack of interpersonal skills. Shouting at a person creates personal tension between the boss and the employee. The employee doesn’t enjoy working in a stressful, personally-debasing working environment, and because of that, employees leave.

I also feel bad for employees who are at the mercy of power. Some stay only because they need the money, or are too young to realize that they don’t deserve to be treated this way. I bet they are psychologically and emotionally affected by the toxic environment that surrounds them, but circumstances coerce them to stay. I can’t imagine what it’s like for someone so young to grow up in an environment like that. What are the long term impacts on their sense of self worth? What are the long term impacts on their emotional well being?

I understand that human beings aren’t perfect. People can lose their cool, but they should know that they shouldn’t have. They should apologize to the employee they shouted at, not for criticizing the employee, but for the manner that the criticism was made. They should find means and ways to deal with their anger so that there will be less chances of a future outburst.

Bosses shouldn’t use their power and authority to exempt themselves from common human decency.

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