Snippets of Love

When an idea for a song, a poem, or maybe a dialogue, or a one-liner, I write it down. I don’t know what to do with these snippets yet, so I decided to share them on my blog. Here are the stuff I wrote about love.

  • Still waiting to catch the next train out of your heart, out of everything we are and we aren’t.
  • Coz I hate feeling like he’s the end of my world.
  • Was he looking at me like he once looked at her—done, deranged, over.
  • I surrender to destiny. Destiny surrender.
  • Fuck, are you losing me? Woah.
  • I found him, but he didn’t find me.
  • I am not to be conquered. I am to be known and loved.
  • Wish I were her, whoever she was, is, will be, your only love.
  • There should be an expiry date when it comes to suffering for a love not attained.
  • You’re lost, and I’m looking.

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