To Shift or Not To Shift Goes Viral Again

The thing that’s so great about the internet is that things are forever there, and they can always be rediscovered. This can also make the internet scary, but with regard to my recent experience, it’s the happy discovery. I don’t know why this happened, but there was a spike in my stats because of an old blog post To Shift or Not To ShiftThe article is about my shifting spree back in college, which eventually led me to realize that I always knew what I wanted to be, or more than that, I always knew who I truly was–I was a writer.

The spike began on Nov. 24 when I got 1,208 views in a day, and 977 of those were for To Shift. This continued on Nov. 25 with 1,004 views in one day with 801 for the said blog post. When I first posted To Shift in April 2011, it got 281 views in a month, and several of my friends reposted it on their Facebook pages. The total views for the whole year of 2011 was 349, then 254 for 2012, 785 for 2013, and before this year ends, it already got 2,688, with 2,174 of the views coming from November, and the month hasn’t even ended yet. This month is the highest average hit per day which is 86, and the second highest average hit per day happened back when I first posted it (April 2011) with 16 average views per day.

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2 thoughts on “To Shift or Not To Shift Goes Viral Again

  1. To Shift or Not To Shift is one of my favorite WordPress blog posts. My mom even read it too, because I kept talking about it. It’s inspiring and encouraging– that being at the ‘wrong place’ isn’t all that bad. (although it’s really stressing, I must say) Haha. I’ve shifted this academic year, then I realized I like my first degree program better.
    Hope to see more posts from you! God bless 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Elle! I can’t believe there’s someone out there who keeps talking about something I wrote! Thank you for recommending my blog post to your mom. I am happy that you guys got inspired by the post!


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