Business Idea: Work Restaurant

So I totally have all these ideas for businesses, but I am so not committed to making them actually happen. I don’t know what to do with these ideas, so I decided to just write about them in my blog. Kind of like fiction, but instead of fantasy worlds, I’m making fantasy businesses. Or maybe they’re like raw material for a novel and my main character will be the owner or worker in these businesses. Well, okay, here goes.

So one is a work restaurant. This is a place for working individuals who want to stay in a restaurant instead of a stuffy office. They have no obligation to order and they can stay as long as they want. The restaurant has a gift shop beside it, so the restaurant is really a foot-traffic generator. The restaurant also earns through advertisers who can put posters all around the walls. There is also a lecture space where the lectures are free but if you want to sit while listening to the lecture, you have to pay up. Again, the restaurant is a foot-traffic generator for the lectures.

In the restaurant, there are also laptop tagabantays, who you can pay so that they can watch your laptop and your things while you pee in peace.

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