Life Plans Progress Report (2014)

Back in 2012, I wrote a post entitled My Life Plans As of Right Nowand I am happy to report that most of the things I wanted happened already. I am currently a journalist who writes about the arts. This job fits my criteria “creative but intellectual”. I have days filled with creative experiences as I often watch plays, ballets, and musical concerts. I also go to art exhibits, and I travel to places brimming with culture. Because of these experiences, I am definitely consuming more art.

Writing about these experiences involves a lot of description, and I actually use many of the techniques that I learned in my poetry classes. I also experiment on the narrative structure of my articles by using the techniques I learned in my fiction classes.

In terms of “calibrated fame”, I am becoming part of the art community, and many said that they like the articles I write.

I got to fulfill my “speak at conferences” goal through my writing workshop, and I also got invited to do a lecture in another university, which will happen around February 2015.

My niche could be writing about the arts, especially visual art. Many of the writers in media are intimidated by art or just dislike writing about it. Many of them find it frustrating to talk to artists. Even though I was initially intimidated by the art world, and I had a really hard time learning how to interview artists, I managed to survive. Now I’m doing pretty well, and I do enjoy writing about the arts. I think I am going to stay in the art world for at least ten years (but with yearly reflection on whether I should stay or not), but I am still not sure if this is it. I don’t know if writing about art is something that I want to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know if I want to be a journalist forever.

My job lets me experiment and explore. Because of my job, I traveled for free to Bali in Indonesia, Nagoya in Japan, Macau, Sabah, Baguio, Palawan, and other places in the Philippines. I’ve written articles on social media, Filipino culture, Philippine literature, and feminism. I’ve met and interviewed great people.

I dated someone, but it didn’t last, but it’s ok.

I started taking up singing lessons, and I’ve sung in front of my officemates when we went karaokeing.

Inspiration and self-help are fulfilled by my blog entries and my writing workshop which is half self-help, half writing tips. I write humorous articles on my blog and sometimes I inject humor in my newspaper articles.

I’m learning to become more confident. I’m learning how to stand up for myself, but that’s still a shaky road being built. I’m becoming happier, braver, more responsible, and more mature.

I am getting along with the other reporters especially the two lifestyle reporters. Are they going to be my Holy Trinity?

I finished one long term project which is my very long short story, and this 2015, I plan to publish it.

Of my financial goals, I am steadily growing my savings, but I haven’t invested or bought a house. My writing workshop could be my future business.

Other things yet to be fulfilled: a positive working environment, meet a mentor, trust people, form genuine connections, be more caring and loving, become a more disciplined writer, and balance rules and freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Life Plans Progress Report (2014)

  1. You are an achiever, Ja!

    You set goals, and unlike the vast majority (which includes myself), you actually take the necessary steps to achieve those goals.

    You certainly deserve all the good stuff you’re reaping (and will continue to reap)! 🙂


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