My Life Plans as of Right Now (2015 version)

As a follow up to my 2012 entry My Life Plans as of Right NowI decided to write this. Unlike my original super duper long entry, I only have three main goals this year. Shocking!

Spend more time with people

The first is spend more time with people. When I downloaded Passion Planner, there was a question that really got me thinking. The question was: what goal will make the most impact in your life? I think the answer to that is to spend more time with people. I began this year by saying yes to all the invites that I got from my friends, even if there were many times that I felt too lazy to go out. My goal this year was to go out once a week, which means four times a month.

For January, I already went out six times this month. Yey! My next goal is to compliment more people. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie explained that people hunger for compliments, so if we find it inhumane to let a human being go without food for six days, then we shouldn’t deprive someone of what they truly hunger for, and that is a compliment. The book cautions against empty praise and said that the compliment should come from a genuine place or else people will see that it’s just flattery. I actually don’t have to make fake compliments because I realized that there were many occasions where I did appreciate what someone did or I liked someone’s work, but I didn’t verbalize my feelings. Wouldn’t it have been such a delight for that person to hear that I liked his or her work or appreciated his or her help? Wouldn’t it have brought me joy to see the smile on that person’s face after I told him or her that compliment?

Another is to greet people at the office, especially the bosses, which is ackkk. I don’t like being sipsip, but I don’t have to be sipsip. I can just be truly interested to talk to these people. Ok I will. I can do this. I can do this. Last is listen more, talk less. I want to get to know people better, so I have to learn how to listen.

Learn a non-writing income-generating skill

Initially, I was planning to learn other forms of writing like poetry, but then I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and he said that people should get jobs that teach them different skills. I don’t want to quit my job as a journalist just so I can get an accounting job, but I’ve wanting to learn a new skill, and the new skill that I want to learn is…accounting. Huwatt?! I hated this subject when I was in college, and I even got a C+! Ghad! Totally pulled down my grades. I learned nothing from those classes because I wasn’t interested. I only retained the knowledge up until the test, and then goodbye, back to ignorance.

Now that I have an incentive to learn, maybe my brain will be more receptive. I want to start investing, and I asked my cousin about this already.

I also want to learn how to get sponsors to support an event, and so I am going to do some volunteer work for our village, and again hit two birds with one stone. I can learn about working with sponsors, and I’m going to spend more time with people, and this time they’ll be my neighbors!

Get validation

I finished already my short story and I am working on applying for a copyright. Then I’ll research about buqo, wattpad, and Visprint. Then I’ll try to get it published. I am also going to join the Palanca Awards this year. I’m going to submit To Shift or Not To Shift in the essay category, and I’ll be writing some fiction this year, so that I can submit in the fiction category next year. It’s scary just to say that. It’s scary just to join. But really what have I got to lose? If I don’t win, I just remain as I was before, a non-Palanca Award winner. If I win, then wow, I think I’ll be really happy.

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