Passion Conundrum: Don’t Settle Versus Make Your Choice the Right Choice

I’ve always been a follow-your-heart kind of girl to the point that I had a total of four courses in college because of my shifting spree. I also got inspired by Steve Job’s speech where he said, “Keep looking. Don’t settle.”

Then my mother tells me about this story about an American who was living during The Great Depression. She couldn’t find a job so she asked the help of a job agency. They told her that they had only one job left and no one wanted it. It was a low-paying job like a secretary or something, but the woman said “I’ll take it!” From there, she was able to rise through the ranks and she became very successful. The moral of that story is “make your choice the right choice.” If something isn’t your dream job then find a way to make it your dream job.

So what advice would you take? Don’t settle or make your choice the right choice?

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