Wishing There were TV Shows about Finding Yourself

There are so many tv shows about how a girl or a guy tries to find the love of her or his life. I wish there were shows where the protagonist was finding herself or himself. It’s a pretty dramatic part of life, this whole business of figuring out what you really want, of pursuing the specifics of a dream, and facing adversity.

Maybe I will write about that, but where do I start? What’s the story? How will it end? Ever since I started working, I have stopped writing stories, and it’s like a muscle that have lost it’s agility–I don’t know how to write stories anymore.

But I’ve been starting. Little by little. Like an engine revving up to start. I guess I just have to be patient. I just have to keep on going this path. I have to trust that all my efforts will lead to something, whatever that thing is.

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