Stephen King: Write your second story before editing the first

As I’ve told you guys, I’m Writing Fiction AgainSo far, I’ve written one short story, but I don’t know if it’s ok already. So I’m going to follow the advice of Stephen King in his book On Writing. He says that after he writes one story, he begins on another piece. When he’s already in the middle of the second one or he’s finished, he’ll go back to the first story and edit it.

Spending time away from that story gives him clarity, so that when he goes back to it, he isn’t so attached to it anymore. In this way, there is a less tendency to be too critical or become too enamored with his creation.

Although I’m enjoying this process. There is that one question that is bugging me. What is the story that I need to tell? what do I really need to write about? What do I know that people haven’t talked about and that only I can really talk about in a real and raw manner? What am I destined to write about?

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